SSRS instance name issue and how to change a SQL Server instance name

Recently we are working on installing DPM (a Microsoft product can protect server data during the server upgrading). It required a SSRS to be installed as the reporting server. However, when the SSRS instance name being entered into the installation window, an error popup said instance cannot be found. As this installation actually looking for by WMI tool, so we launch the windows management instrumentation tester (WMI Tester) by run “wbemtest.exe”. Enter the SSRS path as “\\SSRSServerName\root\microsoft\sqlserver\reportserver”, then connected without problem, then run the query: “SELECT * from __namespace”, it list the SSRS instance name, but the weird thing is our instance real name is “SSRSServer_Name”, but the name on the list is “SSRSServer_f5Name”, that’s why the installer cannot find the instance….

After a day, we suddenly realized that SQL Server instance name doesn’t allow “_”, it seems there is no any problem for regular usage even you use the underscore except in some rare case which we met luckily.

So the solution is change the instance name to exclude the underscore then.

STEP 1: running these two queries:

select @@servername

STEP 2: get the network name

  1. Run this in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio:
    sp_dropserver 'old_name'  
    sp_addserver 'new_name','local'  
  2. Restart SQL Server service.

Then after that is done run this again, to make sure everything is changed:

select @@servername

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