DateJS — what should I comment….

On my blog there is a article to introduce how to use date.js which is a powerful lib in the code. And it is a powerful parse date time tool, some of our code segment is like the following.

timercount = 0;

var timeend = new Date(); ;
lasttxtstoptime.value = "";

if (myflag == "theflag") {
    if (lastclickbtn.value == "theValue") {
    timeend = Date.parse(textbox1.value);

However, recently we noticed a very weird bug. When try to parse time like “12:09:21 pm”, it just crashed, so it means this lib can not deal with the noon time with this format (just all time starting with 12:  and end with pm). I did some research and got the root reason. Please see below.

“Date JS was started by Geoffrey McGill in 2007, he abandoned it on May 13th 2008; leaving the Google Code repository stagnant and with many bugs unresolved.

This fork was started improve and maintain DateJS. To keep what is still the most full featured JavaScript Date library alive, maintained, and improved. Currently we’re on track towards a 1.0 release – having fixed almost all the existing bugs and added several new features, improved parsing, and many other changes.”

I just want to say big thanks to those people who still working on this project and would like show my sincerely respects to you guys!  However, maybe no comments to “Geoffrey McGill”, who starting this project and put his uncompleted code with all bugs on the datejs official website. It is very confused for people who looked for the similar libs as when you search from google, the first result returned is his unmaintained “official” website.

The latest code and great version still under maintenance by those fantastic programmers could be found at github as below.


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