Firefox freezing and no response issue

Somehow after visit a particular website, my Firefox became very slow and after a long freezing then popup a window: A script is may busy. you can stop the script or continue (not exactly the wording, but similar), and follow a long script path. No matter you click “continue” or “stop”, it will be freezing again, after a while, popup the same window. It is really annoying and even the Firefox being uninstall and re-install doesn’t fix the problem, it seems any website contains javascript will cause this issue occur and freezing the Firefox completely. I thought it may due to add-on or plug in issue, so I disabled all add-ons and disable most of the plugins, but issue is still. Eventually find the following solution, solved my problem.

1. Backup the bookmarks, can just export or backup to Firefox format.


4. Then re-import the bookmark backup.

It works!


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