Real refresh the web page

When an iframe/html/aspx page been refreshed,  the browser won’t refresh completely instead it may just refresh from cache as the url is exactly the same as before. To achieve the real refresh, can added a “Date.Now.Millisecond” into query string, and this will change the url every time and let browser do a fresh real refresh.

        Dim cs As ClientScriptManager = p.ClientScript()
        Dim t As Type = sendertype
        Dim s As String = "window.parent.document.getElementById('LeftFrame').src='dlist1.aspx?" & "time=" & Date.Now.Millisecond & "&did=1';" & _
                          "window.parent.document.getElementById('RightFrame').src='" + urlstr + "'; "
        'Dim s As String = "'dlist1.aspx?debateid=1', 'LeftFrame'); "
        cs.RegisterStartupScript(t, "D frame refresh", s, True)


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